Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

First Holy Communion

We enjoyed a wonderful Mass today as a whole school community coming together to celebrate a number of our girls in Year 3 who have taken the next steps in their faith journeys; receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion. This is the third sacrament we can elect to take, following Baptism and Reconciliation; it shows how we are ready to receive Jesus into our lives and profess our belief in Him. The girls have been prepared for this great occasion by the catechists at their church, along with their parish priest and support from their families. Today, they have the opportunity to share with the rest of the school, and their friends in class, this very important and joyful moment in their lives.

The girls all looked beautiful in their white dresses – a traditional symbol worn at this time to show how we are, in effect, ‘the bride of Christ’. The celebration we have is a very visual acknowledgement of our shared beliefs. It was a prayerful occasion and the girls all spoke and sang beautifully. The whole year group enjoyed a ‘breakfast’ served after Mass and wore their prettiest dresses to join in the celebrations. We were blessed with sunshine and the school grounds provided the most perfect backdrop.

 Holy Communion

Celebrtaing Holy Communion