students walking with their dinner tray
students eating lunch


Feeding the body and the mind

Here at Holy Cross Prep, we understand that nourishment is an integral part of the school day. Lunchtime is a special experience; our pupils learn valuable social skills as they share a meal together.

Since 2013, we have enjoyed a hugely successful partnership with Holroyd Howe, an award-winning specialist catering company that works exclusively with independent schools. By promoting an inclusive, collaborative environment, our catering team is able to provide healthy, nutritious and seasonal menus to help our young minds work to the best of their ability, whilst developing a positive relationship with food.

All meals are prepared in-house using fresh ingredients. Based on a three-week rota, Holroyd Howe’s carefully-selected menus provide the best source of nourishment for our pupils, ensuring that they enjoy a well-balanced, healthy diet as part of their daily learning. Pupils are encouraged to try new foods at Chef’s regular ‘tasting tables’, ‘how to’ demonstrations and themed lunches – a fancy-dress accessory is never far away when the occasion arises!

Menus vary each term to reflect the changing nature of the seasons, encouraging pupils and staff to enjoy locally-sourced, environmentally-friendly produce. Sustainability is a key part of Holroyd Howe’s message, and pupils are encouraged to take a proactive approach to their eating habits in order to avoid waste. Menus are also influenced by the girls themselves, who are invited to provide constructive feedback in the ‘Catering Comment Book’. We find some lovely observations in here, and Chef even receives the odd piece of fan mail!

From post-it note surveys to interactive ‘dish off’ votes, Holroyd Howe ensures that all voices are heard. Each week, our parents are able to read the ‘Catering Corner’ section of our newsletter, which reviews the week’s best bit(e)s, inviting parents to share in the girls’ dining experiences.

The girls’ welfare is Holroyd Howe’s top priority, and the team caters for all dietary requirements with care and attention. They really are part of the family!

Visit Holroyd Howe’s website to find out more about their first-rate service.