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Safeguarding & E-safety

The safeguarding of our pupils is of paramount importance at Holy Cross Prep; we fully recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils. We wish to create a safe, welcoming and vigilant environment for children, where they feel valued and are respected. Further information about safeguarding can be found in our comprehensive Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy – click here to be redirected to our Policies page.

Dedicated members of staff are responsible for monitoring and supporting safeguarding, if you have any enquiries please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs Claire Copeland:

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Mrs Claire Copeland
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs Sarah Hair
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Miss Catherine Green
Designated Safeguarding Officer Mrs Sarah Horan
Chair of Trustees Sr Margaret Donovan
Designated Trustee Dr Io Epstein


Technology plays an enormously important part in the lives of all young people; the communications revolution has provided children with unrivalled opportunities, but it also brings risks. It is an important part of the school’s role to teach pupils how to stay safe in this online, digital environment and how to avoid vulnerability to a range of risks including identity theft, cyberbullying, harassment, grooming, stalking, access to illegal/inappropriate materials, sharing of personal data, personal exposure and abuse. E-safety, therefore, has a high profile at Holy Cross Prep, to encourage pupils to stay safe online, both in school and at home.

All pupils learn about e-safety in their computing lessons, in class using technology, following good practice modelled by all staff when using technology, during Safer Internet Day assemblies and Childnet visits.

The school arranges a biennial seminar for parents, which is delivered by an external specialist from a non-profit organisation for internet safety, Childnet International. Childnet provide advice about the potential hazards of technology in our daily lives and the practical steps that parents can take to minimise the potential dangers to their daughters, without curbing their natural enthusiasm and curiosity for using technology.

Weekly e-safety information and tips are attached in our weekly newsletter, the Friday Update. Any concerns or questions you have as a parent should be addressed to Mrs Fernandes:

Below you will find a list of recommended websites that provide further information about e-safety:

Click on the image to make a report to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) advisor