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From creative coding in robotics, to corner kicks on the football pitch, Holy Cross Prep offers a wealth of extra-curricular clubs for our pupils.

We promote a wide variety of activities across sports, performing arts and STEAM subjects, ensuring that our girls have access to those all-important enrichment opportunities that reach beyond the classroom walls. With over 50 weekly clubs on offer, there are so many opportunities for pupils to discover new interests and develop their skills.

Activity clubs also provide a fantastic opportunity for pupils to forge new friendships with children across different year groups. Pupils are encouraged to learn from and support one another in a variety of collaborative tasks and games. Each individual club requires a unique set of skills; it’s so rewarding to see the girls in new roles, whether they are encouraging their peers on the judo mat, or working as a team during explosive science experiments!

A wide range of club leaders support our extra-curricular programme; you’ll find Holy Cross Prep teachers organising performances, running quizzes and hosting book clubs; you’ll also see external club providers visiting from all kinds of areas, from Fulham FC to the Royal Institution, bringing their expert knowledge and experience to the school.

All of our activity clubs take place on site, making the most of our fantastic facilities, which include a floodlit 3G sports pitch, ‘woodland walk’ and combined performing arts and sports hall – click here to learn more about our facilities.

Extra-curricular clubs take place before, during and after school each day. Activities are booked on a termly basis, and may be used in conjunction with our daily wraparound provision – click here to learn more our breakfast, tea and homework clubs.

Explore the gallery below to see our wide range of activity clubs in action.