4 students walking along the school grounds

Mission and Aims

Holy Cross Prep is a Catholic school under the trusteeship of the schools charity and the Sisters of The Holy Cross, which provides a Christian education in which the worship of God and gospel values, as well as a knowledge and respect for other faiths and a sensitivity for others, are central to school life.

In the spirit of St Francis, the school is a caring community, which strives to enable each person to realise their full potential spiritually, academically, personally and physically. To achieve this, the school welcomes all faiths and works in partnership with parents, teachers and children to develop the God-given gifts of each person.

The school aims are:

  • To enable each person to grow to Christian maturity, through our worship of Christ, and fostering our faith journey in life.
  • In the pursuit of excellence in our relationships and teaching, we aim to give each child the opportunity for self-growth – spiritually, personally, academically and physically.
  • To develop each child’s confidence, maturity and life-long enjoyment and love of learning.
  • To recognise the individuality of the child and encourage the development of their character and potential through an awareness and respect for themselves and others.
  • To develop the self-worth and self-discipline of each child and to establish a caring school community.
  • To prepare children for examinations and entry to senior school within a broad and balanced curriculum relevant to the needs of our children in an ever-changing world.
  • To develop a strong sense of responsibility, co-operation and tolerance based on the awareness of the needs of others and an understanding of the need for charitable works.
  • To create and foster a partnership between parents and school with the wider community.