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The Holy Cross Way

‘The Holy Cross Way’ is a set of values we encourage our pupils to observe from the first day they arrive. Inspired by Christian teachings, these sentiments provide guidelines for our girls, both inside and outside of school, as they strive to build a harmonious, respectful and compassionate community.

As a Holy Cross girl, I will use my God given gifts to follow God’s path by:

  • Serving and helping others as Jesus did.
  • Embracing all school life has to offer with curiosity and gratitude.
  • Considering others before myself with love and patience.
  • Persevering to do my personal best at all times.
  • Showing kindness and respect to each other and the world.
  • Being a caring, loyal and forgiving friend in every way.
  • Bringing peace and resolution in times of conflict.
  • Being courteous and greeting everyone with a smile.
  • Participating wholeheartedly in school activities.
  • Being sincere, honest and speaking the kind truth.

I am a Holy Cross girl wherever I am and in everything I do.