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Inspection Reports

ISI Report November 2023


Under the new framework for independent schools effective from September 2023, our school had a routine inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) between Tuesday 28 – Thursday 30 November 2023. This was a very thorough inspection over three days, with four highly experienced inspectors and one shadow inspector in school, reviewing all aspects of school life in depth.


The report covers four sections and safeguarding:

Section 1: Leadership and management, and governance

Section 2: Quality of pupils’ education, training and recreation

Section 3: Pupils’ physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing

Section 4: Pupils’ social and economic education, and contribution to society



I am very pleased to advise that the school was found to have met all the standards in every section.

The report is written in clear and unambiguous language. ISI will now provide nuanced evaluations: there will no longer be overall judgements / grades. The report begins with a summary of findings and then more detail within the report for each section. The inspection report is very much evidence based and will reflect what inspectors saw, read, heard and noticed as part of the inspection. Evaluation was resulted from careful consideration of the inspection evidence.

I am delighted, on behalf of the whole school community (parents, pupils, staff, and trustees), for this external validation of our work.


Sarah Hair, Headteacher

Leaders and managers have implemented a rich thematic curriculum that successfully engages pupils’ interest by linking subjects together through dynamic and exciting cross-curricular themes.

ISI Report, November 2023

Pupils have well-developed skills in mathematics, readily rising to the challenge of solving complex calculations and problems

ISI Report, November 2023

Pupils develop linguistic and literacy skills which enable them to communicate articulately, read fluently and write successfully from an early age.

ISI Report, November 2023

By the end of Year 6, most pupils gain entry to their first choice of senior school and many are awarded scholarships.

ISI Report, November 2023