two school girls sitting on a wooden chair with "Once Upon a Time" engraving


Holy Cross is not just a school, but a family.

Junior Pupil, October 2019

As our year 6 pupils prepare to move on to the next stage of their education, they are invited to join our vibrant alumni community.

In collaboration with our dedicated alumni committee, we invite our former pupils and their families to attend school events each year, including the Macmillan Coffee Morning and Christmas Fair. Every second September, we host our biennial ‘Garden Party’ – a wonderful reunion for our alumni, as they share stories with old friends over slices of freshly-baked cake!

Learning opportunities don’t stop once our girls bid farewell at the end of year 6, as we welcome back many pupils for work experience placements. We relish any opportunity to catch up with our former pupils, to see where their education journeys have taken them. From tiny reception girls to independent, young women (and beyond), we are both proud and privileged to have been such an important part of their development during those vital formative years.

Visit the Holy Cross Prep Alumni website to find out more about our wonderful community and join the family.

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