girls walking across the school grounds
girl with paper
child playing a trumpet


3rd December 18

Sunday was the official start to the Christmas season in the church’s eye, with the beginning of Advent. A time of preparation and increasing joy as we await the birth of Christ. All the girls in school have knowledge of this important period and have been encouraged to reflect and compose Advent prayers. Advent has, as its central focus, the evergreen wreath, which is adorned with 5 candles – 3 purple, 1 pink, 1 white – to be lit, one each, on the four Sundays in December, plus the final white one on Christmas day itself at Mass. The evergreen leaves and branches arranged in a circle shape symbolise God’s eternal love for us; the candles themselves represent His light and love for us even in these dark months of Winter. Perhaps you are able to reflect as a family at home during Advent and can create a wreath, or simply light a candle.