Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Summer Concert Series

The series of concerts for parents began on Monday 18th June and Mrs Petersons our Musical Director oversaw them all and reports below.

“Ms Deam’s pupils opened the week of performances singing a variety of solos and ensemble pieces.

 Mrs Neale’s girls were next on Tuesday morning, with their performances of songs in different styles – both concerts were extremely well received by the audiences. Singers often have a slightly more nerve wracking experience as they have no instrument to “hide behind “ and they have to face their audience whilst singing in a fairly small space in the Music Room.  Well done girls you should all be proud of yourselves and your performance.

Tuesday afternoon was the opportunity for all Miss Willis’ flute pupils to showcase their talents - it was a hot afternoon but the girls did extremely well.

Thursday afternoon brought all the cellists together for the first time and they performed 2 ensemble pieces and their individual pieces.  It was a lovely little concert.

Friday morning was the turn of the Brass pupils to show their abilities on notoriously difficult instruments but again they did themselves proud.

Mrs Berrow’s violins, all 47 of them, finished off the week with great aplomb playing a variety of ensemble pieces from Grade 1 - 4 with solos from girls of all ages in between. The advanced players rounded off the afternoon with some outstanding solo performances that were breath-taking in their accomplishment and speed; it was worth remembering that these young players were only ten or eleven years old and the packed audience really appreciated their hard work and effort.

Well done to all the girls who have played or sung, you should all be proud of yourselves. Thank you parents for coming to support your girls as it an important part of developing as a musician to play in front of an audience, whatever size that audience is. More concerts to come next week; Mr and Mrs Taylor’s pupils on Monday; Mr Cattell’s pupils on Tuesday; Mr Slater’s pupils on Thursday, we look forward to seeing some of you there".