Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Dragon Days

Our Year 6 girls brought a very appreciative audience to their feet on Friday after their second, and final performance of, ‘Dragon Days’. It was a very well deserved standing ovation for a truly outstanding performance which saw the tale told of poor, unsuspecting Tommy Rummble and his Old Ma who arrived in the village of Stumbledorf, nestled in the foot of the Austrian Alps. There they met a whole host of village characters who were living in daily dread of the resident dragon high up in the hills in his lair! Not one villager had actually seen this dragon, nor had anyone experienced any wrong doing from the dragon, but they lived in ignorant fear nonetheless.

‘Dragon Days’ is an original play script and music score, written specifically for a school performance and it was immediately clear to see as the jokes came fast and furious and the acting was slick and modern with references our girls really appreciated and ‘got’. They all developed their characters with aplomb and delivered the lines and songs with gusto and feeling. There were many catchy tunes, one after the other, that made it difficult to pick out a favourite.

Costumes, set and props all added to the atmosphere and helped bring the story alive; not in the least a snow-machine dispensing some of the ‘white stuff’ during the blizzard and avalanche scene!

The Year 6 production is very much a, “rite of passage” for our girls towards the end of their time here with us at Holy Cross. They spend an intense seven days in rehearsal prior to the performances and learn so much more beyond the classroom walls about collaboration, supporting each other, team work, the importance of being organised and focused, timing, delivery, voice projection, characterisation amongst many other skills. It was a truly fabulous production from start to finish and one that made Mrs Petersons and Mrs Thompson, and all the staff involved, really proud of the girls; very well done everyone!

 dragon days

Our dramatic 'Dragon Days' cast of fabulous girls!