Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Strings Day

Mrs Petersons reports below on a very exciting, and musically challenging day for some of our string players.

“On Tuesday 6th February fourteen very excited Holy Cross girls took their instruments to Epsom College Prep Schools Strings Day.  In total, 158 pupils from local prep schools were present to work hard all day to prepare a concert for their parents later in the evening.

The pupils were all assigned their desk in the orchestra and one of our girls was the Leader of the Orchestra, a huge honour indeed, which she carried out with great aplomb all day. The pupils prepared 4 pieces; some of the music was quite challenging for our less experienced girls, but with perseverance during the day, they realised that they were able to play it.   It can be a daunting experience to play new music in a very large ensemble, but our girls came through with smiling faces and a feeling of success having mastered new music and been part of a very exciting day.  Hopefully it will spur them on to work hard to reach new musical heights with their own playing.

Apart from the bonus of playing their instruments, there was lunch and muffins at teatime for the girls, with the chance to choose something at the tuck shop.  We also met 5 of our former pupils who are now in Year 7 at Epsom College and looked very assured and grown up in their new surroundings.  It was lovely to see them look so happy in their new school. Mrs Hunt and I would like to thank the girls for being such a pleasure to take on this Strings Day”.