Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Musical Enrichment!

If your daughter is musically minded and has access to a digital device at home, she might like to explore the app, ‘Flashnote Derby’ which, for older girls, presents a fabulously fun way of learning to read music and memorize notes. It is a game platform in which horses compete and race against each other and each correct musical note answer moves them on along the course.

For younger pupils who wish to improve their musical understanding, there is the app, ‘Noteworks’ which sees a hungry monster gobble up all the correct notes you identify. Both will provide opportunities to enrich your daughter’s musical knowledge in a fun, interactive way regardless of your own musical capabilities – you could even have a go yourself and with other members of the family and see who comes top!

If you are looking to fill the diary for February Half Term, our Brass teacher, Mr Stott is part of a delightful production at the Teddington Landmark Arts Centre based around the story of ‘Paddington’s First Concert’ by Herbert Chappell and specially arranged for a wind quintet alongside a narrator. If any of you came to enjoy our girls performing in ‘The Snowman’ last Christmas at the same venue, you will recognise the same family-orientated concert format. The audience is encouraged to bring their own bear along too; it lasts approximately an hour and there is a café on site for refreshments. Please see the website to book.

Happy musical New Year!