Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

HCP Bird Cam

Bird Cam

Click on the image above to link into the webcam. Please note there is 1 1/2 minutes veiwing time, however you may click on the image again if you would like to view some more live upadates of the bird box!

Blue Tit Diary - Observations made by staff and girls.

23/03/11 Blue tits started to check out bird box. Stayed a few seconds, pecked outside of the hole to make their mark. One white feather appeared.

Next fortnight one or two birds check out the bird box, stay a few seconds, ritual flapping of wings.

01/04/11 Nest building starts. Moss and lichen in large bundles. Bird uses beak to weave nest. Flapping wings to compress moss.

04/04/11 Weekend more nest building. Considerable amount of nesting material in box.

04/04/11 Bird visits with more moss. 52 visits observed when pupils are in the room. Birds visit sporadically during the day.

05/04/11 Bird blue brings in dried grass to line nest. 29 visits.

06/04/11 Down or fluffy materials brought in nest. 27 sightings.

07/04/11 Very large feathers adorn the nest - it's beautifully soft and insulated.....