Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Infant Christmas Productions

The Infants have sung, danced and acted their way through the Nativity story this week in three delightful plays. The girls all looked fabulous on stage and played their parts very well. Songs were sung with gusto and a credit to the musical direction of Mrs Petersons, whilst their enthusiasm to perform has been nurtured under the watchful eye of Miss Scarlett.

Our youngest Reception pupils, some of whom are still only 4 years old, were very confident as they took on the roles of many different animals coming into the stable and trying to get the hay from poor old Maurice the donkey, who was eventually surprised by a baby being laid in the manger!

 R nativity

Animals a-plenty around the manger!

The Year 1 classes portrayed a range of Christmas artefacts from baubles and presents, to tinsel and lights, but were all swiftly rejected by the bossy fairy on the tree who had to be reminded about the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

 Y1 nativity  Y2 nativity

Acting out the different sides to the Nativity story.

In the Year 2 production, we saw the Nativity story from the view point of the three Kings as they made their long and weary way to Bethlehem wondering where they were going and if they were doing the right thing.

It might be story that everyone is familiar with, but putting it at the heart of all we do in school at this time of the year is incredibly rewarding and spiritually enriching.

Well done girls; it will be the Juniors' turn next week!