student going through a bookshelf


The school library is a well-used and much-loved resource and curriculum area. Located in what was the original dining room of John Galsworthy’s 19th Century house, with its oak panelled walls, twelve-foot ceiling and elegant bay window seat, the library provides an oasis of calm in the heart of our busy school.

Our library stock includes a carefully curated selection of more than 8000 books of classic and contemporary fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, poetry, and foreign language books. Our physical book collection is complemented by an online library of 350 eBooks and 100 audio books, available to read on a mobile device or desktop through the Sora App.

Our School Librarian carefully selects and manages our varied selection of books, both physical and electronic, to cater for all reading interests and abilities.

In addition, the girls have access to other resources including First News weekly newspaper, Britannica Schools Digital Encyclopaedia and the Image Quest database of images. You can find out more about these resources by watching the Britannica School video and Image Quest video.