Holy Cross Prep Jacket

Interhouse Dance Competition

30th January 23

Holy Cross interhouse dance competition took place to celebrate the Year of Creative Arts! With all years taking part making the competition truly unmissable. Reception opened the competition by taking us to the Circus with their routine. Year 1 dance was inspired by Cheer, Year 2 took us back to Disco, we travelled to Spain with Year 3 and their Flamenco dances, the Year 4 girls took to the dance floor with New York Broadway dances, Year 5 dazzled us with their Charleston dance and finally Year 6 showed us how to Jive.

Well done to all the girls for their amazing teamwork and collaboration, all the routine were amazing!
The results were very close with just 4 points between 4th place and the winners… a huge congratulations to the winning house St Dominic!


House LeadersSt Teresa House St Francis House St Elizabeth House St Dominic House