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Eco Council Assembly

25th January 23

Today, our Eco Council led an informative and entertaining assembly to teach us all about the importance of being ‘Water Wise.’ As a school, we have been working hard to raise money for our chosen school charity Water Aid but the girls taught us today how, even in England, our water is becoming very precious and we should not waste a drop. We learnt some useful tips on how to save water such as taking a four minute shower instead of a bath; not leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth (a running tap uses 6 litres of water per minute); using a watering can filled with collected water from a butt rather than a hosepipe to water the garden. We were astonished to learn that in our area of the UK, the average person uses around 163 litres of water every day!

Thank you Eco Council for teaching us about how precious our Earth’s water is and for inspiring us to play our part in saving it and using it wisely!