girls walking across the school grounds
girl with paper
child playing a trumpet

Celebrating Girls in Science

18th February 21

Inspiring our girls to be the scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians of the future.

On Thursday 11th February, our reception pupils celebrated International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This very important day promotes equal access to opportunities in science and technology, as well as highlighting the integral role of women in these industries.

Inspired by the tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, our reception classes designed and built their own houses using the following step-by-step method:

  1. Investigate
  2. Research
  3. Design
  4. Build
  5. Protect

We asked ourselves which material would provide the best protection against the ‘big bad wolf’. From counting blocks and Lego bricks to gingerbread and lolly sticks, we saw some fantastically imaginative houses (you may even spot Peppa Pig in the gallery below!), which led to some very interesting results. The girls had a wonderful time experimenting with the strength and density of different materials – we may have some future engineers among us!

The pupils in our Critical Worker School also enjoyed sporting their hi-vis safety vests to build a life-size wolf-proof wall outside in the Early Years playground.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Not us!