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The Feast of the Annunciation – 25th March 2020

25th March 20

The Angel Gabriel comes to tell Mary that she will have a very special baby, that he will be the Son of God and will be called Jesus.

How do you think Mary felt when she heard this news?

Mary was frightened at first. Her life was going to change forever. But she trusted in God and said “Yes” to all that God asked of her.

The Angel Gabriel is God’s messenger to Mary, and he brings some very important news.

Have you ever been told a very important piece of news? Who was the messenger? 

What did they tell you? For example, was it about a new baby brother or sister, or that someone was coming to visit? How did you feel? Were you happy, excited, sad or frightened?

God wants us all to be his messengers in the world. 

What do you think God wants you to tell the world about Him?

This week Pope Francis has asked all Christians across the world to come together to pray for each other in our hour of need. He asked us to say the words that Jesus gave us. Please take a moment to say the Our Father for all those who need our prayers at this very difficult time.