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girl with paper
child playing a trumpet

To the Galaxy and Beyond!

4th February 20

On Monday our year 5 pupils took a trip to the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, as part of the Science topic: Planet Earth and Beyond.  

Our first stop was the planetarium itself, where we travelled through space, gazed at constellations, and inspected the planets, moons and asteroids in our solar system, before moving further out into our galaxy and beyond!

We then had time to explore interactive exhibits about space, as well as other general science topics such as forces and pulley systems, and the elements of different materials.

Next up was an interactive workshop, during which we investigated the best material to protect a telescope from overheating in space. Finally, there was just enough time left to play a simulation game that involved moving light around objects using mirrors and windows.

A fascinating and collaborative day out at a fantastic venue!