girls walking across the school grounds
girl with paper
child playing a trumpet

Charity Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

6th November 19

‘On Monday 4th November, 39 of our year 5 girls visited The Royal Albert Hall to rehearse for a Barnardos charity concert the same evening. We joined a large choir, featuring many other schools from all over England, and were lucky enough to be seated to the left of the organ on the stage.

We rehearsed for two hours, adding on movements and dynamics, before heading into Hyde Park to have lunch and a run around. 

Another two hours of rehearsals (of the twelve songs we had learnt) followed. Then it was time for tea, before getting into our tee-shirts and leggings, ready for our group photograph.  

During our last break two groups of dancers and a youth orchestra arrived to begin their rehearsals. We then took to the stage to perform to a packed audience of supporters. The girls really enjoyed singing, performing and watching the groups of dancers perform with panache.

It was a late finish but the girls were amazing and so well behaved the entire time – it was a joy to be with them. A wonderful experience for a great cause.’ – Mrs Petersons, Director of Music