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Creative Writing with Cath Howe

21st October 19

Last week, local children’s author, Cath Howe, hosted a series of interactive creative writing workshops for our junior pupils.  

Cath used a variety of weird and wonderful objects to inspire the girls’ imaginations, including a magnificently embroidered, red velvet boot – with our inventive juniors at the helm, this mysterious boot soon took on a life of its own!

As the author of several novels for children, including Ella on the Outside and Not My Fault, Cath has invaluable insight into the workings of the writing industry. During each workshop, she shared her experience as a writer, as well as her many years of teaching English & Drama, providing our girls with some top tips for igniting (and fueling) their own creativity.

Cath’s stories deal with themes like friendship, sibling relationships and kindness, with warmth and sensitivity.