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12th June 19

During this week’s liturgy, we celebrated the Feast of Pentecost and remembered how God sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples – we give thanks that we too can receive the Holy Spirit in our lives. The Holy Spirit brought peace and unity by giving the disciples the ability to speak different languages, meaning they could communicate with everyone!

Jesus wants to give us the gift of His Holy Spirit too – all we have to do is ask. The Holy Spirit can give us help and courage so that we, like Saint Francis of Assisi, can act to bring peace to our communities.

Many situations in the world need peace. Like Francis of Assisi, peacemakers often make personal sacrifices to bring peace. Francis learned that being a peacemaker isn’t always easy. But Francis knew in his heart that God’s call to be a peacemaker was more important, and he was happy to make those sacrifices for such a cause. Francis looked up to heaven and knew that God was pleased with him.

The caring spirit of Saint Francis can be found in The Holy Cross mission, and so we have renamed the Old Chapel the Francis Room.