girls walking across the school grounds
girl with paper
child playing a trumpet

A Viking Voyage

22nd March 19

On Monday 18th March, the year 4 girls began a Viking journey of self-discovery and independence at Ufton Court, an Outdoor Education Centre in Berkshire. One night without parents – fortunately some Holy Cross Prep staff were dispatched to keep an eye on them! 

Two days were filled with amazing educational activities; the girls travelled across the globe, discovering why longships were used and how Vikings traded (including their intimidation tactics!). They then took part in a ‘Vicious Vikings’ session, during which the girls learned about the skills needed to train to fight in battle. They were even given their own Viking names! 

Year 4 also looked at different Viking artefacts and, in the evening, dressed up in full Viking costume. They then took part in a glorious feast to prepare for battle the next day, whilst celebrating and honouring the gods, calling on them for protection!

On the second day, the girls experienced an important element of Viking life, by learning how to start a campfire using traditional techniques. Next they learned how to make their own impressive bow and arrow sets from natural materials, which they were able to take home. 

The children were very busy, every day, all day long! They returned to school on Tuesday afternoon very tired, but filled with new experiences and accomplishments. The accompanying staff were very proud of all the children for their wonderful Holy Cross behaviour. 

Well done little Vikings!