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Musical Success for a former Holy Cross Girl

5th March 19

We were delighted when we heard that one of our former Holy Cross Prep pupils, Sarah Rudd, had been invited to take part in a music masterclass with world-renowned violinist, Nicola Benedetti.

Sarah Rudd, who is now in year 8 at The Lady Eleanor Holles School, was chosen as one of four pupils from the school to take part.

In preparation for the session, Sarah has been busy practising one movement of a Haydn Violin Concerto. A concerto is a piece for a solo violin and an orchestra, and a masterclass involves presenting either an entire piece or the movement of a piece. This is then deconstructed by the masterclass leader, alongside the pupil, with feedback focusing on elements such as fingerings, bowing and dynamics, before the piece is put back together again. This method has one aim in mind – to improve the overall performance of the piece in a very positive way.

Sarah had a fantastic time during the masterclass: “Nicola Benedetti made very useful and constructive points about my violin technique and sound whilst still being very supportive along the way.” 

Sarah’s mum also enjoyed the session: “It was one of the most impressive music experiences for me… Nicola Benedetti coached four individual soloists and a string orchestra of over 100 pupils from ten local schools. I could see five ex Holy Cross girls in the orchestra! Nicola Benedetti was very friendly and charming. I could see all of the pupils were definitely very much inspired by her. What an experience to be coached by this legendary lady! I hope this news inspires lots of little string players at Holy Cross!”

Thank you to both Sarah and Mrs Rudd for sharing their experience.

Sarah continues to study the violin with Mrs Berrow, one of our peripatetic music teachers. It is a huge honour for Sarah to have been chosen, and it also reflects Mrs Berrow’s superb teaching.

There is no secret to success – practise, practise, practise, just as Sarah has done… the sky is the limit!