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Scientific and Terrific!

5th February 19

“On Monday 4th February 2019, year 5 went on a school trip to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. We were looking at our current topic in Science: space! First on the list was the planetarium. A massive room with an even bigger screen shaped like a dome on the ceiling. We leant back, and visited lots of different places, inside our universe and out! It was amazing.  

Secondly, we went to the space ship simulator, and we had fun trying to ‘fix’ the amount of carbon dioxide in the air! Afterwards we went to a workshop where we looked at heat and light. Afterwards we had some free time to have fun and explore the exhibits. This was definitely the best school trip that I have ever been on! I loved it so much, and I know my friends did too!” 

Written by Ava in Y5