girls walking across the school grounds
girl with paper
child playing a trumpet

Looking After our Planet

1st February 19

Led by Mrs Hewitt, this week’s Eco Club assembly focussed on raising awareness about how much waste we are producing, and how we can make little changes, including reducing the amount we use and throw away, as well as making sure we recycle. These small changes really make a difference.  

We learnt that up to 60% of waste that ends up in bins could actually have been recycled. Shockingly, the amount of wrapping paper thrown away after Christmas in the UK alone is enough to reach the moon! Here at Holy Cross Prep we want to do something to positively impact the environment.

Next week during ‘Waste Week’ we will be having a paperless day – a challenge set by the Eco Club for the teachers… No worksheets, no copying and no cheating!

We need to start making changes in order to see the world change. Remember… change starts with us.