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Online Safety

5th November 18

On Thursday our ‘Digital Leaders’ presented an assembly on the theme of ‘Anti-bullying’ which reminded us of what constitutes bullying behaviour and then specifically focused on cyber bullying.  Our knowledgeable digital leaders reminded us that all bullying is very serious and is dealt with by our school very firmly and cyber bullying is no different. They told us how to report cyberbullying and how to block someone when online; they gave us a checklist of what to do if someone is being unkind online. The school was encouraged to think about what they would do if they saw unkindness and disrespect in the classroom or playground, and then how to take the same actions online. The digital leaders ended the assembly with some beautifully written prayers that encouraged us all to show kindness, tolerance and respect and make the right choices in our personal lives and social interactions, both physically, and online.

The school then welcomed Kate from Childnet who delivered two fabulous workshop sessions on internet safety to our Junior girls. She was impressed with the girls’ engagement and knowledge of the topic. Kate reminded the girls of the SMART rules and gave them strategies to have a healthy balance in the usage of technology, and screen time, at home.

Kate also delivered 2 separate sessions to all staff and parents where she highlighted new potential risks and dangers online so awareness was raised and also shared tips and strategies to support children at school and at home.