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Book Fair in school this week

5th November 18

Our Librarian, Mrs Wood, has organised for an independent book company to trade at school over the next couple of days in a change from the usual company; we hope this will offer a much broader, inspiring and exciting range of books. Please see  All the books have been especially selected for our school and come highly recommended. The girls will have the opportunity to attend the fair, set up in the Glass Box entrance to the Hall, on the following days,

Tuesday 6th.November: Y3, Y4, Y4P, Y5 & Y5P during the school day; Y1 & Y1P can visit with their parents or guardians after school from 3.15pm – 3.45pm.

Wednesday 7th.November: Y2, Y2P, Y3P, Y6 & Y6P; Reception & Reception Parallel classes can visit with their parents or guardians after school from 3.05pm – 3.45pm.

All books are priced at £5, £8 and £10 if you wish to supply any ‘pocket money’ for your daughters to spend at the fair. Please note that parent/guardian visitors to the book fair after school will be able to pay by cash or card. Any purchases made do bring us commission which is then spent on stock for the Library and classrooms; thank you in advance for your support.