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Singing at Epsom College

4th October 18

Mrs Petersons, our Music Director was delighted to be out of school on Tuesday; she was still working though because she accompanied a group of our young Junior pupils at a musical workshop at the prestigious Epsom College. She gives us her feedback below.

On Tuesday 2nd October, 9 girls from Year 3 who have just started singing lessons, went to Epsom College to sing with 240 children from other local, chosen schools. The theme for the day was “Animals” and the repertoire reflected this by having the songs ‘Animal Fair’, ‘I Wanna Be Like You’, ‘Kookaburra’, ‘Wimoweh’, ‘Feed the Birds’ and ‘Everybody Wants to be a Cat’ amongst others, for the girls to rehearse.

The rehearsal session began with voice warm –ups such as “a kitten being thrown over a cliff with a bungee attached” (no animals were involved in this exercise!) Ask the girls! After a morning of singing, lunch and playtime were next on the agenda, and our girls were wonderful examples of Holy Cross girls in their manners, so much so that another teacher commented on how well behaved they were.

We were then entertained by some of the pupils from Epsom College who had just finished their inter-house choral competition and we heard a boy and a girl sing their solos, then 2 houses, one boys house and one girls house, sang acappella; these pupils were amazing and a real inspiration.  One of our girls whispered to me afterwards that she thought the boys would be “so so”, at singing but they were all fabulous and really impressed us! The children continued with their rehearsals for their own concert to their parents and percussion was added by a teacher playing a drum kit and various bird call whistles.

After a restorative tea of a muffin and juice, the concert to the parents started. Some songs were sung in unison others were presented in the round; ’Wimoweh’ was sung in 4 parts by the children.

All were extremely well sung with gusto and enjoyment and the pupils departed, tired but hopefully having learnt a lot about singing together.

Thank you girls for working so hard and being wonderful ambassadors for Holy Cross Prep School”.