girls walking across the school grounds
girl with paper
child playing a trumpet

Mellow Autumn

17th September 18

With warm temperatures throughout the weekend and the forecast looking fairly settled for the week we can feel blessed with the weather making the start of our Autumn term all the more lovely!

As we look back on our first full week, and hope the novelty has not quite worn off yet, we can be pleased at how calm and settled life is within Holy Cross Prep; even our youngest Reception and Reception Parallel pupils seem to have found their feet and are getting to grips with it all. Do remember though all the girls will be tired, and perhaps emotional, as the demands of school routines step up from the relaxed weeks of the summer holidays. Try to support your daughter with a routine at home regarding tea time, homework and some ‘down time’ before bed; help her get organised for the next day and keep an eye on the website / calendar / Friday Update for the week’s events and notices. Before we know it we will be at half term and then rehearsing for our Christmas productions…?!