girls walking across the school grounds
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child playing a trumpet

End of Term

4th July 18

We enjoyed a wonderful Prize Giving last night with all our junior girls whose varied success and talents were recognised and applauded. We welcomed author, playwright and lyricist Tim Knapman to celebrate with us and he reminded the girls that failure can be the best lesson sometimes. He beseeched us all, adults and children alike, to ensure we did a job that we loved – wise words indeed. Mrs Hair, Miss Green and Mr Leen guided us through ‘The Chronicles of Holy Cross’ as each chapter revealed a different aspect of school life throughout the year, reminding us that we had focussed on a year of literature.  

This morning we bid a very fond farewell and a warm, “goodbye and good luck” to our year 6 girls as our academic year 2017-18 drew to a close against a backdrop of pure brilliant blue skies and glorious sunshine – a very fitting tribute to this fabulous cohort of girls.

We celebrated Mass together and reflected on the spiritual, personal and academic journey our girls have been on here with us, some of them for the last seven years. Each girl received their treasured’ Yearbook’ which were clenched tightly in their arms as they hugged each other goodbye with a lifetime of precious memories and friendships; remember girls you will always be a Holy Cross girl in your heart and we are not going anywhere – come back and visit…