Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14


Y5P's Service this morning asked us to consider how much of an effect we have on each other's lives by our daily actions and speech... We are all part of one big Holy Cross community in school, staff and pupils alike, and it is true we can sometimes, 'rub each other up the wrong way', but a few kind words, an apology, a smile and a hug will usually smooth over any bad feelings or hurt. In just the same way that sharp jagged rocks on the shore are rubbed smoothed and polished by the constant caressing motion of the waves passing over them, so we too can act upon each other for the better.  

The girls reflected upon who had been a positive influence on their young lives as they placed a pebble into a bowl of water and thanked God for this person; the audience of mums and families who had come to watch were visibly moved at these heart-felt tributes delivered with such sincerity and warmth. It was a truly lovely Service and a message we shall all keep in our hearts.

Mrs Hair reminded us at the end that any items we are able to donate and provide for the refugees through the Calaid collections will also touch someone who is in desperate need; a big 'Thank You' to the donations that have come in so far - please send items in with your daughter who can place them in the allocated boxes in the 'Glass Box' foyer area of the Hall.