Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Have you heard the buzzzz?!!

Some of our older girls may recall last summer we had a visitor in school who spoke to us about bees and bee-keeping. We also held a fun 'Bee Awareness' day run by our eco councillors which raised funds for us to sponsor our very own Holy Cross hive through Kingston Bee Keepers association. As we enjoy warmer spring weather now and our thoughts turn to our gardens and outside, we have an update from Mrs Stiff.  

"The hive is now located in the grounds of Unilever, Four Acres, Warren Road and shortly the bees will be transferred to this new hive after spending winter protected and fed with a special sugar syrup and a liquid feed to increase the colony size and strength.

The photo is of our Queen bee - the one with the green marking on her thorax - being attended to by her worker bees; as you know the Queen is much bigger than the other bees and she does not feed or clean herself as her workers do that for her.

Mr Jones our contact from Kingston Beekeepers Association has very kindly offered to answer any questions you may further have about our bees and hive so if you are curious send your questions to Mrs Stiff who will gladly pass them on".