Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

The Last Supper

Parents, staff and pupils gathered in the Hall today, much like Jesus' disciples did in the upper room all those millenia ago, to share the Passover Feast together. The girls in Y6 presented readings, prayers and we all joined in the hymns reflecting on the occasion and it's spiritual meaning. Despite the large cavernous space of our hall we all felt intimately involved in the scene and the events that played out before us. The important episode of the Last Supper, as told in all four of the Gospels, was beautifully and sensitively enacted by the girls who brought the story alive as they explained its significance in the Jewish faith and how Jesus' actions, breaking and sharing bread and wine, imbued this tradition with new meaning.

 last supper  last supper

Sharing the Last Supper together.

We also saw how Jesus washed the feet of His disciples before retiring to pray quietly in the Garden of Gethsemane; we were then witness to the kiss from Judas that betrayed Him to Pontius Pilate and how this began the chain of events that led to His eventual death and resurrection.

This simple service was superbly performed by the Year 6 girls and really lent a solemn, prayerful and reflective mood to our celebration of Holy Week.

We will conclude our observance of Holy Week tomorrow when we walk the Way of the Cross with Him - all welcome 1:45pm. - please wrap up warmly if the weather is inclement, and wear sensible shoes as we shall be outside taking advantage of our beautiful school grounds to set the scene.