Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Eco Code winners

The Eco Committee organised an Eco Code competition last term. The girls were asked to create a code which would help us to think about our environment and be eco friendly. We received an amazing array of entries and choosing the winners proved to be quite a challenge. Congratulations to the following girls who have won the competition for their year group: Year 2 - Ella Conder, Year 3 - Abigail Toulemonde, Year 4 - Elizabeth Aberdour, Year 5 - Poppy Courtney, Year 6 - Juliet Chee. The most creative entry - Jemima Denham Y5.

A special congratulations to  Ella Thomas (Y6) who was awarded the overall prize. Her code lists the main objectives of our Action Plan and covers real actions that the pupils and staff intend to carry out. In recognition of Ella's achievement, a tree will be planted in the grounds and her code will be placed in all the classrooms as a constant reminder of what we should do to continue to improve the school's environmental performance. Well done to you all!