Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

"It's beginning..."

Now that we have lit our first Advent wreath candle, the Infant girls have acted and sung their way through the Christmas story and we have held our festive Christmas Fair it does indeed begin to feel a lot like Christmas! We have only got (at the time of writing) 8 days left in school and with one of those being a half day when we break up, it is a case of now or never for us, even if it still does feel a little early to be celebrating in full at home.

The girls have been involved in decorating their classrooms in various ways, as well as producing work for display on boards in our public areas. The girls in Y3 and Y3P helped Mrs Whitfield create a beautiful Bethlehem building panorama in the Pupil Entrance so do have a look if you are passing. Down in the Hall it was the turn of our Y1 and Y5s to show off their Christmas creativity as they cut, collaged and printed working on a silhouette scene and a paper Advent wreath.

  pupil entrance display Dec.2014

A Bethlehem panorama by the Year 3 classes.

Since we returned from the October half term holiday, the girls in the Infant and Junior Art Clubs have been very busy working to a tight deadline for some beautiful patterned angels! These grace the main corridor and are displayed against a Matisse inspired style background whose colourful forms show off the delicate black and white patterns. The girls really enjoyed doing this work knowing it was the signal to start the most wonderful time of the year...

  art club christmas 2014  art club angels Dec.2014

Art Club Angels!

You can never have too much glitter in December and the tinsel and baubles that adorned the grounds, in the trees and bushes, have been a welcome sight every day since they were put up for the Fair; school is transformed into a truly magical spectacle and we thank everyone involved for their contribution big and small.