Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Questions, questions...

We all had something to think about this morning after Year 3's wonderfully enquiring Assembly as the girls got us to consider why we ask questions, and what type of questions are good? Some questions are fact based and can easily be answered, "How many countries are there in the world?". Others may require a little more consideration, "Where does the sky end?". We have all asked silly questions before, "Are we nearly there yet?!", on a car journey that is most obviously continuing at speed and is not finished or we would have stopped. We may be familiar with rhetorical questions that do not really need an answer, "Do you want to get rotten teeth?", after eating two bags of sweets and declining to brush them properly! All questions have a place in our lives as they help us move on from where we are to, hopefully, a place of better understanding. We never need to question God's love for us.

The girls spoke beautifully and delivered their final question, "Who do we need to sing Happy Birthday too today?, with great enthusiasm as we all launched into a rousing chorus for Mrs Petersons who was not able to hide behind the piano this time...

 Y3 assembly

Year 3 girls and staff.

A lovely start to our day, thank you girls and Mrs Stiff and Mrs Fabb for presenting these questions that had arisen from the girls' enquiring minds at the start of their experience in the Juniors.