Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14


Y5P delivered a beautiful, prayerful Service this morning when they asked us to consider who has had a positive impact in some way on our lives; we come into contact with a whole range of people who love and enrich us on a daily basis at home and in school. We listened to a reading from the Gospel of St.John in which Jesus spoke to his followers and implored them, "God wants you to love one another just as much as I love you. If you do this, people will know that you are my friends and they will say that you are like Jesus".

  Y5P service

Reflecting and reading...

We were able to pause and think in our hearts about how we treat others and if we truly put them first. The girls in the class, followed by some members of staff, were invited to place a pebble in a bowl of water set up at the front of the Hall; they spoke warmly about who the pebble was dedicated to and why this person was important in their lives; we heard some very thoughtful and moving recollections about a whole host of people from mums and dads, to aunts, uncles, siblings, neighbours and friends. We would do well to remember that smooth, polished pebbles on the beach begin life as jagged sharp lumps of hewn rock, but as the sea continually laps over them day by day, year by year, they rub against each other and become smooth and silky to touch and much more pleasing - let us be shaped by the love of God and others.

  Y5P pebbles service  y5P service pebbles

Placing pebbles...and lovely pupils!