Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Holy Cross Mermaids

Four of our Year 6 girls had a very fulfilling and active weekend as they were up at the crack of dawn to travel to the London Aquatic Centre in the Queen Elizabeth Park, Stratford - home of the London 2012 Olympics no less! The girls described to us at the end of Assembly how they got on and what they were doing there. We heard they were taking part in the Swim Britain event which saw them all swimming lengths as part of a relay team to fund raise for a charity of their choice. They did amazingly well, swam hard and had one of the youngest combined ages of any team; they even received a spot-prize award for being the best team supporters of each other - true Holy Cross spirit on the sidelines! They personally met Duncan Goodhew and David Walliams, posing for photos with huge grins on their faces.

 HC mermaids with David Walliams

The lovely David Walliams appreciates the efforts of our Holy Cross mermaids! 

 More importantly, the girls have raised over £1,300 for their chosen charity Momentum, and the donations are still coming in. The girls visited Kingston Hospital two weeks ago and were given a tour of the children's wards and shown the work that the charity has achieved with brightly decorated, colourful rooms to help improve the ambiance of any stay, or treatment in hospital, for young cancer patients. The girls' huge efforts were undoubtedly spurred on by their commitment to the charity and considering those less fortunate than themselves. Well done girls you are a great inspiration to us all and we are very proud of you.