Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14


7 coaches, over 280 children and more than 30 members of staff set off yesterday mid- morning to make the short trip from school to the Rose Theatre, Kingston, to see 'The Snow Gorilla' as an end of term treat. We were not quite sure what to expect - a fairy tale? a pantomime? acrobatics? dance show? - but it was all of these and much more! A real feast for the senses with some fabulous costumes, incredible props and scenery and wonderful signing, dancing and acting. The experience of real, live theatre cannot be beaten and at the Rose you are so near to the stage as an audience that you cannot fail to be drawn into the action. Our girls were mesmerised by what was happening and responded with excited clapping and cheering, as well as lots of "oooohing and aaahing" as the drama unfolded.

Not wanting to give too much away here, suffice to say, that 'Gor and Sunny' stole the show and our hearts with an incredible performance. If you get the chance over the holidays to go and see the show and take any siblings or other family members - please do so!

Needless to say our girls were impeccably behaved and really enjoyed the trip and appreciated the ice cream they had at the interval. A super afternoon.