Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14


Our girls in Y4 gave us a beautiful Service to start the day with today. They spoke clearly and delivered the message that we too need to be trust in God more, although this is not easy all the time as Jesus' disciples discovered. The girls acted out for us the episode which sees Jesus and His disciples all together in a boat going off to fish when Jesus decides to lie down and rest for a while leaving the others awake. A storm rises up and the disciples are afraid and wake up Jesus demanding He help them; Jesus commands the wind and rains to die down and questions why His followers were ever afraid as He was always nearby. The disciples are thankful and resolve to be more trusting at all times.

Sr Ursula also spoke to us and demonstrated the principle of trust by asking a little girl in Reception to jump off a low table...safely into Sr.Ursula's waiting arms! In school we place our trust daily into the care of our friends and our teachers and we should be mindful of what we do with it.