Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Check mate!

Mrs Billington Phillips who runs our lunchitme chess clubs was delighted with the recent performance some of our girls gave when they took part in the Surrey Megafinal. She details their achievements below.


700 children took part in the Surrey Megafinal held at the Hinchley Wood School over the May Bank holiday weekend. There were six matches played and each scored 1 point for a win, half point for a draw and zero for a loss. The scores were progressive so the final column equals their score for the whole tournament. Everyone that played was awarded a certificate and 3 of our girls went on to qualify for the Southern Gigafinal which will be held in July; they won rosettes and more.

Pupil                age       round 1      round 2       round 3       round 4      round 5      round 6


Alice Y2P       U7            1                1.5                 2.5               2.5              3.5            4

Emily M. Y2   U7             1                 1                   1.5               2.5              2.5           2.5

Annabel Y3    U8            1                  2                   2                  3                 3.5           3.5

Elena Y3P       U8           0                  1                   2                  2                 3              4

Emily K.Y5P U10            0                  0                   0                  0                  -               -

Ishani Y6        U11           1                 2                   2.5              2.5                3.5          4         

Alice had a fantastic tournament with three wins and two draws, she only lost her fourth game and has qualified easily. Emily M. played well at the start but lost her final two games missing out on the chance to collect a rosette. Meanwhile, Annabel also started well, winning two out of her three games, but then only managed a win and a draw from her last matches, however she was able to collect her rosette. Elena played really well in both halves of the tournament only suffering losses in rounds 1 and 4, which meant she qualified for the next stage and won a rosette. Emily K. had to leave the tournament early and was not really on her best form losing, unfortunately, all her matches. Ishani managed two early wins but had a draw in round 3 against a very talented individual who often wins the entire championship. Ishani then found her form again and finished with a win and a draw to put herself through to the next stage. It should be mentioned that Ishani has got through to the Gigafinal for the fifth consecutive year - an incredible achievement. Good luck to all those players moving forward to the next stage and well done to everyone who took part.