Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Easter Blessings

This week in school we have had 2 events which have begun to focus our minds on the forthcoming Holy Week and lead up to Easter.

Thursday morning saw our Year 4 girls take to the stage with a dramatic telling of the Easter story and took part with reverence and sensitivity, making the story come to life and be accessible for all ages. Thank you girls for acting and speaking so beautifully and with such clarity.

 Y4s Easter play 2013

Some of the Year 4 girls performing in their Easter play.

Today the whole school were involved in a Lenten Walk that told the Stations of the Cross. Whilst this usually happens in our lovely grounds, due to the incredibly wet and cold weather of late, the decision had been taken to stage this event inside. Wearing our headscarves, we were the people of Jerusalem, mingling in the market place as we heard that Jesus was to appear before Pontius Pilate and be condemned to death. The Year 6 girls took on the roles and we all sang and prayed as we moved around the Hall following in Jesus' final footsteps. It was the most beautiful, spiritual and moving occasion and no one could fail to feel its power. Father Michael gave us a final blessing for the holidays which we extend to all your friends and family for a happy and safe break.

 Lenten Walk March 2013

Our Lenten Walk.