Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

The Lost Sheep...and Sorry!

In a joint effort by the girls in Y3 and Y3P on Wednesday they presented the parable of 'The Lost Sheep', or as they told us, 'Charlie Wanders Off!'. The girls acted superbly and spoke clearly in their re-telling of how in a flock of 100 sheep the shepherd immediately noticed when one sheep was missing - the adventurous little Charlie who had wandered away from the main flock seeking adventure and excitement, but then got lost and afraid, not knowing the way back.

This little drama really beautifully illustrated the message that Jesus is always looking after us and shepherding us and more than happy to welcome us back into the flock when we stray. The girls brought up Lenten Promises created as sheep to the altar whilst we were all encouraged to reflect upon our own commitments during this period. The Service was very prayerful and reflective and the whole school responded well and sang out loudly. It was a team effort by the everyone in Year 3 - Mrs Whitfield, Mrs Fabb and Mrs Hadgianni, as well as Sr.Ursula - so a huge thank you to them all for their input.

 Y3 characters in the Lost Sheep Service Feb.2013

Y3 and Y3P girls in role.

On Thursday we enjoyed Y4's Assembly which continued in a similar vein and introduced the concept of being sorry. They also presented some of their ideas in a little drama piece and it is obvious how much enjoyment the girls get out of role play and acting. Mrs Fox has lots of budding talent in school. It is simply delightful when the start of our school day is so spiritually enriching.

Y4 assembly Feb.2013

Some of the Y4 girls mid-action.