Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Year 3 and 3P visit to the Polka Theatre

The story was delightful and tremendously told. All of the characters were remarkably different. These included a rose red ladybird, a slimy pink worm, a bottle green musical grasshopper and, of course, James an upstanding but brave and adventurous little boy.


We were captivated by the fabulous set and the extra-special effects. These included a peach landing on the colossal Empire State Building and a remarkable underwater scene. During this, the theatre turned into a magical deep blue sea filled with sparkling blue fish and shimmering jellyfish.



The special effects were quite amazing. The peach changed several times during the course of the play. It began as a continually growing balloon, suspended from a branch, which quickly became a huge revolving peach. It was SO ENORMOUS that James and the other creatures could live comfortably within it. At one point in the play the peach became a gigantic balloon which the audience steered excitedly through the auditorium.


In another scene, only the top of the balloon was visible to the audience. Finally, the flesh was eaten by the children of New York. These effects were very creative and certainly made the play interesting to watch.

All in all the play was quite spectacular and gave us a lot to think about. Each one of us is quite unique with many talents.