Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

The Olympic Torch relay!

Grace's father is part of the torch security team and he was filmed aboard the BA flight 2012 from Greece, handling the special lanterns that kept the flame alight whilst it was in the air.

 Mr Slevin with the olympic flame

The touchdown on British soil went smoothly and the flame was then handed over to HRH Princess Anne who accepted the flame as a symbol of our country's intent of hosting the Summer Olympic games in 80 days time. David Beckham was entrusted with lighting the first torch from a ceremonial cauldron which kept the flame burning brightly. Since then the torch has begun its 8,000 mile relay the length, width and breadth of the country. Grace's father is part of a big security team that can be seen every day alongside the Olympic flame, as it is passed from one torch bearer to the next, guarding its safety and that of those chosen to run with the flame.

Our interest as a school in the torch relay is further heightened as an ex-pupil, Ella, who is now 13, has also been chosen to carry the torch during its long journey over the next 2 months. More information on why Ella was selected and to see a live broadcast of where the torch is and how the relay is progressing can be found at the following links. to view the live 'torch cam'. to find out about our ex-Holy Cross pupil and why she has been nominated. Ella will be carrying the torch through Chatham, Kent on 20th July if anyone would like to support her.

All the girls in school have learnt so much already about the Olympics through our dedicated 'topic week' last term, as well as the numerous special visitors and speakers we have been lucky to meet in school, that no one can fail to be caught up in the excitement surrounding the Olympic games this summer.