Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Trips galore!

When teachers sit down to do their planning at the start of  the academic year in September, filled with optimism and good intentions, it seems a really good idea to organise lots of lovely trips and visits which are largely focused out of doors, for the summer term....unfortunately the teachers can not plan for the weather! And so it was that wellies, warm coats and rain macs became the additional uniform items this week for Reception, Year 1s and Year 2s.

The week began with classes Y4 and Y4P visiting Hampton Court to enrich their topic in History learning all about the Tudors and Henry VIII. They were fortunate to have the one dry, sunny day this week and enjoyed a tour of the gardens and seeing behind the scenes in the Palace. They participated in a workshop and some very fun costume dressing up and role play.

With prayers to keep the rain off on Tuesday Y1 and Y1P set off for Wisley on a self-guided day of exploration learning all about plants and food systems. The Glasshouse provided some much needed warmth and dry for the girls who, nevertheless, really enjoyed the experience. The accompanying class teachers were delighted when they were stopped by a member of the public who commented on the impeccably behaved and well mannered young ladies.

The deep rumble of a truck approaching the school and squeals of excitement heralded the arrival of a mobile farm for the Reception classes to delight in on Thursday. Hens, geese - who made an attempt to escape and were seen waddling off towards the bottom field before they were rounded up! -an expectant donkey, lambs and a pig were all observed and enjoyed very much by the girls.

On Friday the school felt very empty indeed as Y6 and Y6P girls headed off to the British Museum in London, to learn all about the Egyptians from the artefacts on display there and Y2 and Y2P set off for Painshill Park on a 'Mini-Beast Hunt'!

Enormous thanks must go to all the dedicated staff involved in making these wonderful trips and experiences happen for the girls, from the rigours of the initial paperwork, form filling and logistics, to accompanying and leading groups on the day. No trips are undertaken lightly, just as a "jolly", as we are all too aware of the sometimes tragic circumstances that can arise on these occasions . The school is always proud of how well the girls present themselves in public and confident that every trip will be a success. Well done everyone involved.