Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

"Uganda here we come..."!

Whilst we keep Mrs Hair and her travel companions in our thoughts and prayers over the next week, we are also hoping for an update or two along the way. Despite being very used to modern communication technologies in our daily lives in the UK, we have to remember that the party is going to rural Uganda where electricity and running water are neither constant, nor reliable, commodities. However, it was most pleasing to hear the commonplace 'ping' of a text message arriving earlier today and to discover it was from Mrs Hair, who communicates:

"Sitting on plane. All equipment, posters and lollipops on board - we have so many gifts to take - wonderful! Nine cases in total. We are all very excited! Dressed in muddy colours for Africa. Mrs Hayes and Mrs Brown and Helen are with me. Uganda here we come"